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Car thermal night vision camera, 384×288, 37.9°, IP66


For perfect night riding car thermal night vision camera could be installed to any type of vehicle, boat or ATV 4×4.

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The outdoor EX-25 thermal imaging camera is maintenance-free. These cameras use an uncooled microbolometer with a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels and fixed lens. Thanks to these features, the EX-25 produces crisp video images that can be displayed on virtually any display that supports composite video. What’s more, the EX-25’s ability to perform under harsh conditions. This thermal imaging camera can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +55°C.

The camera has a built-in heater for the protective glass, which automatically turns on when the temperature drops below +4 ° C, and the same turn off when the temperature rises above +6 ° C. This keeps the lens clean and contributes to excellent thermal imaging even in extremely cold conditions. The heater removes a 2mm layer of ice in 15 minutes at -30°C and wind speeds of 100km/h.

Thanks to its compact size (130x65x65mm) and low weight (<700g). EX-25 can be installed in different places of the vehicle, for example, behind the radiator grill of the car, in the bumper or using a special magnetic holder, on the roof of the car.



Detector: Uncooled FPA.
Resolution: 384×288.
FOV: 37.9°×28.5°.
Focus: Fixed athermalized lens.
Frame rate: 50Hz.
Focal length: Fixed ( ≥6m ).
Spectral range: 8-14μm.
Calibration: Auto.
Startup time: Image output time≤10s@30℃.
External power supply: DC12~32V.
Consumption: 6W.
Reverse polarity protection.
Over voltage protection.
Working temp: -41℃…+65℃.
Storage temp: -55℃…+85℃.
Humidity: ≥6500 h under salt spray conditions at +25°C, Relative humidity of 81%.
Protection Class: IP67.
Shock resistance: GJB150A-2009.
Vibration resistance: GJB150A-2009.
Electromagnetic compatibility: GJB151A.
Weight: 700g.
Size: 64×64×115mm (w/o brackets, external cables).
Interface: Power port, Video output (PAL).


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