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Car thermal night vision camera, 384×288, 28°, IP67


For perfect night riding car thermal night vision camera could be installed to any type of vehicle, boat or ATV 4×4.

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The outdoor IR313 thermal imaging camera is maintenance-free. These cameras use an uncooled microbolometer with a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels and fixed lens. Thanks to these features, the IR313 produces crisp video images that can be displayed on virtually any display that supports composite video. What’s more, the IR313’s ability to perform under harsh conditions. This thermal imaging camera can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

The camera has a built-in heater for the protective glass, which automatically turns on when the temperature drops below +4 ° C, and the same turn off when the temperature rises above +6 ° C. This keeps the lens clean and contributes to excellent thermal imaging even in extremely cold conditions. The heater removes a 2mm layer of ice in 15 minutes at -30°C and wind speeds of 100km/h.

Thanks to its compact size (74x58x79mm) and low weight of 600g the IR313 can be installed in different places of the vehicle, for example, behind the radiator grill of the car, in the bumper or using a special magnetic holder, on the roof of the car.


Detector modelUL03362
Image display features
effective focal length19mm/F0.92
angle of field28°x 21°
spatial resolution1.3mrad
NETD≤100mK(@25℃,Under the factory setting)
heat sensitivity≤500mK(@25℃,Under the factory setting)
Video output interface single-ended / difference
Video output formatCVBS
Output the image frame frequency and resolution50Hz、768×576@ PAL
Power characteristics
rated voltageDC 9~36V
rated current0.24A±0.02A(@12V source,do not start the window heating)
0.60A±0.10A(@12V source,Start window heating)
Complete machine power consumption≤3W(@12V source,do not start the window heating)
≤8W(@12V source,Start window heating)
 system performance
Imaging initiation time≤6S(normal atmospheric temperature)
Automatic heaterSelf-start heating when the window temperature is below 2℃± 2℃
Turn off the heating by itself when the window temperature is above 7℃± 2℃
shutterAutomatic shutter compensation
Image algorithmNonless algorithm (optional)
Automatic brightness contrast ratio
photographic enhancement
Color alarm display
Image Recognition and Alarm algorithmPedestrian recognition (sound, image prompt)
communication interfaceCAN bus (optional)
RS232 (Baud rate: 9,600 b p s)
 enviromental parameter
working temperature-40℃~+70℃Product temperature range 3.1.3 of QC / T 413-2002 standard
storage temperature-45℃~+85℃Product temperature range 3.1.3 of QC / T 413-2002 standard
salt-fogWorking for 6500 hours under salt spray according to IEC60068-2-11Ka, humidity 81%RH, temperature + 25℃3.1.3 meets QC / T 413-2002
Sand dustGB/T 2423.37-2006
lashSemi-sine wave, acceleration of 30g, duration of 11ms, 5 times / direction, three axes and three directions
vibration25-500-25Hz, sinusoidal sweep rate of 1oct / min, 3g Z axis; 1.5g X, Y axis; 8h / directionVibration resistance of 3.12 products in accordance with QC / T 413-2002 standards
packageSealed enclosure, IP67
 physical characteristics
Dimensions (length, X, width, X, height)74 X 58 X 79 mm (TBD)
weight≤600 g
 Human:1.8 m  X 0.5 mB class car:2.3 m  X 2.3 m
Detection distance (under normal meteorological conditions)≥300m≥500m
Alarm distance (under normal meteorological conditions)≥120mno
Follow car standards
Night vision camera complete machineQC/T 413-2002Basic technical conditions of automotive electrical equipment
Electric transient conductionISO 7637Electrical harassment caused by conduction and coupling
Electromagnetic radiation disturbance resistanceGB/T 17619Electromagnetic radiation disturbance resistance limits and measurement methods of electronic and electrical components of motor vehicles
Electromagnetic radiation harassment sexGB 18655Limits and measurement methods for protecting radio harassment characteristics of vehicle receivers
barrier proptertyGB/T 4942Protection grade of low-voltage electrical housing
cold testGB/T 2423.1

Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products

Test A: Low-temperature test method

hot testGB/T 2423.2

Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products

Test B: High temperature test method

temperature variation testGB/T 2423.22

Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products

Test B: Test method for temperature change

vibration testGB/T 2423.10Electrical and electronic Products Environmental Test Part II: Test method Test Fc and guidelines: vibration (sinusoidal)
salt spray testGB/T 2423.17Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products Test Ka: Test method for salt spray
Temperature / humidity combination cycle testGB/T 2423.34Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products test Z / AD: temperature / humidity combination cycle test method
Sampling test criteriaGB/T 2828Check the count sampling procedure and sampling table batch by batch
Coating and surface treatmentQC/T 625Coating layer and chemical treatment layer are used for automobiles
PackagingGB 191Packaging, storage and transportation drawing sign
Product nameplate logoGB/T 13306label
Product storage and storageQC/T 238Storage and storage of auto parts


Guide for installing thermal night vision camera to any car or other vehicle


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