Thermal riflescope

The rifle scope is an ideal product for hunting, camping,security and other outdoor sports providing them the tools they need to be successful in all field conditions both day and night. Uncooled thermal imaging cuts through dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other battlefield obscurants. Its use cannot be detected as it emits no visible light or RF energy and operates without the use of illuminator or IR lights.
High resolution thermal imaging.
Compact, lightweight and durable housing.
True magnification.
High end OLED display.
Three-colors reticle system (optional:B/W,Red and Green).
Rapid start-up in 3-5 seconds.
Up to 6-8 hours operation with four lithium batteries.
Power-off safety feature prevents accidental shut down.
Batteries: lithium.
Digital zoom: 4x.

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