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Thermal Binoculars 640×480, 50mm, 8.78°, IP66


Thermal Binocular Camera is rugged lightweight infrared binocular system that uses the latest in low-power, compact, un-cooled thermal imaging technology. It used a 640×480 un-cooled thermal sensor with an 100mm (optional 50mm, 75mm) lens for middle or long distance application. The unique power save design can last battery operation time with fast startup and autofocus ability. Unlike image intensification night-vision devices that only magnify existing light, thermal imaging cuts through darkness, through smoke, dust and most fogs.

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Ergonomic design Easy observation

Binocular design, greatly reducing the fatigue feeling of long-time observation; Adjustable interpupillary distance between 60mm~70mm, Catering to different group of people; Ergonomic design,raised buttons can be quickly recognized by touch even in total darkness.

Quick location,All new experience

In the dark, laser ranging ensures accurate location with distance information.

High Quality Imaging In Day and Night

Up to 640 × 480 VOx uncooled IR resolution and 50Hz image frame rate, ensure the observation of moving target smoothly.

Full-color OLED display

1024 x 768 Full-color OLED, High contrast, image details boost, Improving viewing comfort.

Well-designed PIP mode, highlighting the target

PIP mode, Identify the location of the target instantly by PIP Mode even in outdoor

Smooth Zoom For Flexible Searching

Long press the up/down button to smoothly zoom in and zoom out. Make the search more flexible and pinpoint the target more quickly

Multiple Color Palettes to Highlight the Target

• Six color palettes: white hot, black hot, red hot, green hot, iron red, blue heat.

• Support one-button switch to identify the location of the target instantly, helping to achieve all-weather observations.

Multiple scene modes,Highlight Target Clearly

“Enhance/Highlight/Natural” can be quickly switched by one button, the image can be adaptively adjusted for different scenes , “Enhance/Highlight” can effectively  reduce image impurities to highlight the target.

Photo and Video Recording

Support photos and videos, recording wonderful moments at any time. Realize remote control, live image and video transmission via WIFI connection, can share to your social media by APP.

IP66, 1-meter Drop test

With IP66 waterproof-rated for protection from heavy-rainfall, dust, and impact. Working temperature is -30°C~50°C ,suitable for all kinds of harsh weather. It also passed UN38.3 battery certification, RoHS, CE, FCC certification, etc. Quality guaranteed

Technical Parameters

Infrared detector
Resolution ratio640×480
Wavelength range8~14μm
NETD≤50mk @ F1 25℃
Focal length50mm F1.2
Focusing modeManual focusing
Field angle8.78×6.59
Frame rate
Output frame frequenc50Hz
Zoom multiple
Optical zoom multiple2.8x
Digital zoom multiple1x—8x
Visual effectIt’s like viewing at a 22’‘ screen at a distance of 1m
Power supply
BatteryReplaceable 2*18650 batteries (the battery protection board is not considered)
Working timeWorking time ≥ 5.5 hours @ 25 ℃ (only observe the state and use a specified battery for testing)
UsbType C (USB 2.0 standard), with power supply function and data access
Video interfaceMicro HDMI
WifiTransmission of real-time video via WiFi, 2.4G frequency, distance up to 15m
External extensionExternal display and external Bluetooth remote control
Mechanical interfacePicatinny
Display screen
Display screenOLED, 0.39’’ × 2
Resolution ratio11024*768
EyepieceMonocular, exit pupil distance ≥16mm, adjustable diopter -4~+2
Video output systemHDMI
ButtSwitch/Up/menu/Down /Photo/video/Ranging
Smooth zoom inAvailable
Adjust screen brightness10 levels
Adjust detector brightness10 levels
Adjust detector contrast10 levels
Image enhancementAvailable
Scene mode adjustmentThree modes: enhancement, sensed and natural
Video recordingAvailable
Wifi1Transmission of real-time video via WiFi for remote control, 2.4G frequency band, distance up to 15m
Pseudo colorsBlack hot/white hot/adjustable red hot/ iron red/ blue hot/green hot
Hot spot trackingAvailable
Work indicator switchSwitch
Compensation modeAutomatic compensation, shutter compensation and scene compensation
Rough rangingAvailable
Automatic shutdownAdjustable shutdown time from 15min, 30min to 60min
Auto sleepAdjustable shutdown time from 5 min, 10 min to 15 min
Language settingsChinese/English/Russian/German/French
Time settingAvailable
Watermark settingsClosure, and setting of date or date and location
PipCapable to swipe left and up, or pause in the middle and swipe up; or swipe right and up to close
Restore to defaultAvailable
Startup time15s (turn on to live image) @25℃
Memory capacit16GB


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