Driving at night – more risk

Do you know?

Twice the risk of an accident as compared to driving during the day.

In Germany, some 50 percent of fatal car accidents happen at night, although an average of 75 percent of all driving is done during the day. 560,000 people are injured in the dark in Europe and some 23,000 are killed.A similar situation is to be found in the US. With a 28 percent share of all driving, 55 percent of all fatal accidents occur at night.

Do you know?

In fact, 80% of people who lost their lives in a car accident can actually live well.

The reasons are obvious: poor or significantly limited sight conditions on highways and country roads, obstacles or narrow bends which are recognized too late with the low beam, inappropriate judgement of speed or distance due to a lack of orientation for the eye, driving into the “black hole” of the headlights of oncoming traffic.

Do you know?

Our eyes are the first line of defense against these hazards. Unfortunately, eyes are not the best detectors.

Drivers can use some assistance when driving at night to avoid accidents,making night time driving safer.

I want to recommend a product to you very seriously from the perspective of life safety.Infrared thermal imaging automobile driving assistant system.

The Mainly important advantage as follow:1)All-weather use, Anti-glare

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